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Welcome to the realm of transformative learning at Quantum Mindset Academy

Each course is a journey crafted with expertise, empathy, and an understanding of your unique path to self-discovery. Whether you're taking the first step or are further along in your journey, our courses offer profound insights and practical applications that resonate in all aspects of life.

Quantum Mindset Mastery

Our Quantum Mindset 12 Week Course offers a comprehensive approach to personal transformation and success. Through a combination of cutting-edge techniques, powerful exercises, and expert guidance, this program will provide you with the tools and insights to unlock your full potential and live a life of joy and abundance. Take the first step today and start making a lasting change in your life.

Reiki Training

Discover the transformative power of Reiki. Our courses cater to both novices and experienced practitioners, covering the fundamentals and advanced techniques of energy healing. Guided by certified trainers, delve into Reiki's principles and harness universal energy for holistic well-being. Begin your journey of enlightenment and healing with us today.

Become a Mindset Mentor

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Self Love Mastery

Our "Self Love Mastery" course is a 5-week journey that guides participants to cultivate self-love and compassion through discussions, exercises, and real-life examples. It's perfect for those wanting to overcome self-criticism, build better self-relationships, and enhance overall well-being. If you're seeking to prioritize self-worth and experience a positive mindset shift, this course is your pathway to lasting self-love.

Card Reading 101

Unlock your intuition and make empowered decisions with our 4-week Angel & Oracle card reading course. With 1-on-1 coaching from our Co-founder Keri,  you'll dive into symbolism and develop your unique reading style. Join a supportive community and gain access to exclusive resources to transform your life. Enroll now—the answers are at your fingertips.

Heavenly Link: The Medium’s Training Ground

A transformative 8 week  training program designed to guide aspiring mediums on a journey of discovery, connection, and communication with the spirit realm. Through expert-led sessions, hands-on practices, and immersive experiences, participants will learn to bridge the gap between our world and the beyond, fostering a deep, ethereal connection that transcends the physical realm. 


Our Clients Say

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My Quantum Mindset Course was truly life changing for me.  If you are uncertain about it, let me reassure you that you will be so grateful you did it for yourself.  Jenny is a kind and gifted teacher, and supports you every step of the way.  She has incredible knowledge and intuition and teaches and guides in a way that is perfect for you.  I thought my experience learning about quantum mindset and healing would be just over her 12 week course, but actually it is the gift of a lifetime.  She lays the groundwork to help you understand the power of quantum mindset and provides you with techniques specific to you and your needs and where you are in your life.  I use what I have learned everyday to help me work toward my goals of living a free life full of love, joy, peace, and abundance. 

S. Leonard, P.A.

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